Wine tourism has the wind in its sails and the Côte Chalonnaise never ceases to attract wine lovers with its wonderful wines and its beautiful setting.

For those who don’t yet know, there are 44 picturesque villages in Saône et Loire which produce Burgundy wines from the two traditional grape varieties, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.  Five village appellations are found along the Côte Chalonnaise from south of Beaune to Macon, with “terroirs” of a distinct character.   

As the first of Southern Burgundy’s vineyard areas, it has a southern character that shows in its wines!  The reds have a full and rounded side to them whilst the whites reveal exotic notes.

You will find there the robust flavours of Mercurey, the more subtle Rully, the more frank from Bouzeron (the one and only appellation for the variety of 100% Aligoté), or even the mineral and floral touches of Montagny, not forgetting Givry with its delicate notes of red fruits.

Recently, the vineyards of Maranges, as part of the “Climats of the Burgundy Vineyards” were declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.  They lie at the northern entry to the Côte Chalonnaise vineyards.