Together, let's develop the tourism and the attractiveness of the territory!

Our key figures

  • Nearly 25 000 people welcomed
  • 250 partners
  • 1800 fans on facebook
  • 300 subscribers ion nstagram
  • 318 business days in Chalon

Take advantage of our tools

  • Our tools for your communication
  • A privileged space in the Tourist Office
  • Develoment of your offers (label for cycling, tourism and Handicap, Charter “Aventures Mômes” ...) and for your referencing on the regional basis Tourinsoft
  • From the visit of our team and the availability of our editions and a display
  • From our various events (Partners Day, information appointment)
  • A privileged relationship

Be privileged

  • You are solicited as a priority during the organization of events, and for touristic products development
  • Marketing your products on a departmental online sales platform
  • From a program of digital workshops (website creation, google tools, E-reputation ...)
  • From the publication of your news in our newsletter on facebook

Increase your turnover

  • Hosts: show availability
  • Restaurants : Have your menus translated into English, German or Chinese
  • Producers and craftsmen: highlight and market your products in our shop

Expand your business

You have a tourism project or you want to develop your business, make an appointment with our technicians to get valuable advice

Our supports

  • Web and digital publishing
  • Website:
  • Consumer Newsletter
  • Professional Newsletter
  • Displays broadcasting event


  • Heritage leisure guide: 20,000 trilingual copies
  • Accommodation guide: 20,000 trilingual copies
  • Brochure for business tourism and groups: 1,000 copies in French
  • Orbandale: 5,000 copies in French, 3,000 in English, 3,000 in German
  • Marina information brochure: 5000 copies
  • Summer activities : 10,000 programs and posters
  • Folded plan of Chalon S / S: 10,000 copies
  • Chalon underframe block design: 10,000 units
  • Block map of the communes of Grand Chalon
  • “Garçon la Note” : 5,000 programs, 5,000 flyers

So do not wait anymore and become a partners!



Trade shows, congresses, symposiums, seminars, incentives: we provide you with innovative solutions to welcome your business projects. Tourism, events and shows, our team of the tourist office of Chalon sur Saône is at your disposal to help you in the development of your turnkey project in the heart of Burgundy.

Customizing your project

  • A multifunctional team and modular receptive infrastructures (Exhibition Park, Coliseum rooms, hotels ...)
  • A single contact during your event
  • Tailor-made preparation of your event, on-site replication
  • The drafting of the specifications of your project and the follow-up
  • A diversity of territory and centers of interest (culture, heritage, sport, gastronomy ..)
  • A network of partners at your service
  • Customized discovery tours of the region will be proposed by our tourism division
  • Facilitating services

The management of the accommodation for your participants (management of the rooming list, reservations etc ...)

Accompaniment on all the services (conferences, catering, transport, parties ...)

For any request, contact Florence CAPELLI: 03 85 46 86 89



The Grand Chalon conurbation intends to carry out a varied cultural policy on its territory, based on solid structures and networks. Achalon invites you to welcome, manage and organize your shows in the following venues: Parc des Expositions, Salle Marcel Sembat, Espace des arts, Piccolo Theater.

Variety, rock, dance, theater, coffee-theater, music ... All cultural representations find their place in Chalon sur Saône.

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