Take a refreshing breath of fresh air!  Whether you are hiking on foot, on horseback, on a bike or touring in a camper van, the beauty of the rural landscapes of the Côte Chalonnaise is waiting for you.

NATURA 2000 

The Natura 2000 classified site “Pelouses calcicoles (Limestone Pavements) de la Côte Chalonnaise ” covers 912 hectares and is made up of 11 different entities spread over 19 communes, including Rully, Saint-Martin-sous-Montaigu and Saint-Denis-de-Vaux. This collection of limestone pavements is renowned for the richness of its flora and fauna. The Natura 2000 network has two fundamental objectives: to preserve the biological diversity and to showcase the natural heritage of our territories. http://pelousescalcaires-cotechalonnaise.n2000.fr
The Natura 2000 classified site “Prairies alluviales et milieux associés de Saône et Loire“ (Water meadows and associated environments of Saône et Loire) lists those open spaces of water meadows, hay fields and pasture that are favourable to many species of migratory, nesting or over wintering birds. In the Grand Chalon area this concerns the communes of Marnay, Saint-Loup-de-Varennes and Varennes-le-Grand. www.eptb-saone-doubs.n2000.fr