To learn about history without realising it, nothing is better than taking a fun guided tour.  To gain a bit of culture and a breath of fresh air at the same time, follow the Orbandale Way, a footpath that takes you around thirty or so points of architectural and historical interest in the town centre.

Architecturally, Chalon is a treat for the eyes!  The town centre is stuffed with half-timbered houses, towers and turrets, fortifications and bastions from the 16th century and of course, the magnificent St Vincent’s Cathedral.

The artistic and cultural heritage echos the great men who marked their centuries like Nicéphore Niepce, inventor of photography, Vivant Denon and his daring views on art, as well as, Emiland Gauthey, civil engineer and architect.

Amongst the essentials on the cultural side, there are the former Bishop’s Palace built on both Roman and mediaeval remains, the chapel at the Ile Saint Laurent hospital, the Italian style theatre “Le Piccolo” and, of course the Denon and Niépce museums.  For a touch of nature and natural history, there are the Georges Nouelle park and the Saint-Nicolas rose gardens...