Air Escargot - Vols en montgolfière

Ballooning at Remigny

ASCBOU071138994_02Air Escargot/P. Bonnet
ASCBOU071138994_03Air Escargot/P. Bonnet
ASCBOU071138994_04Air Escargot/P. Bonnet
ASCBOU071138994_05Air Escargot/P. Bonnet
ASCBOU071138994_06Air Escargot/P. Bonnet
Remigny - Air Escargot - 2017 - Le Chateau de Rully et le vignobleRemigny - Air Escargot - 2017
Remigny - Air Escargot - 2017 - Les vignes de MercureyRemigny - Air Escargot - 2017
Remigny - Air Escargot - 2017 - Saint Léger sur DheuneRemigny - Air Escargot - 2017
  • Air Escargot offers you the chance to discover the vineyards from a hot air balloon. The flights last from between an hour to an hour and a half but it is necessary to allow up to 3 hours for the adventure. You will help with the blowing up of the aerostat, once on bord, you will glide along in the wind. On landing, you will receive a certificate of ascension proving that the dream became a reality!
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    • English
  • From April 1, 2020 until October 31, 2020