Festival Les Musicaves - Copie

Wine - Oenology at Givry

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Domaine Besson Dégustation MusicavesRascaProd
27-06 au 01-07 MUSICAVES
  • An “AOC sans frontières” festival, featuring wines and winegrowers from Givry, artists from here and abroad, music from yesteryear and today… and over 5,500 spectators to enjoy it all! 5 days, 3 places, 3 scenes
    11 concerts on offer, tastings, wine tours, a tasting menu…Every year, this festival offers a journey exploring our differences, through music and wine, to be enjoyed without restraint. World music in Domaine Besson, an array of rock, electro and world music during the two evenings in Domaine Thénard’s, classical emotions in the Eglise de Poncey and, of course, the elegant and fruity aromas of Givry wines.
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  • Carte Bleue/Credit card
  • Cheques and giro cheques
  • Cash
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  • Base rate
    From 10 € to 18 €
  • From June 26, 2019 until June 30, 2019